Interview with Raquel Peel. ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen.

ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen 1 July 2020 Retrieved from ABC Drive with Adam Stephen. Tune in to the sound of North Queensland. The day’s news, the best music and lively conversations. Excerpt from the program broadcasted on 1 July 2020. Interview with Raquel Peel started at 20.30. Listen to full Episode […]

Lockdown Stress: 3 Stories That Will Change The Way You Approach Your Relationship

In these crazy times, we start looking at ourselves and our relationships with totally different eyes. We see the good and the bad more intensified, and we want to either get out or find ways to improve our connections with our partners. I hope it is the latter! So the online search begins… Very quickly […]

Wondering how to make Relationships Rock? Read this!

As a recovering Romantic Self-Saboteur I understand how wonderful it is to break the cycle and have a loving, caring and positive relationship. I have been married now since December 20, 2012 and have the most amazing relationship with my husband Matt, now I am not saying this to showoff but instead to say these […]

Rebuilding relationships impacted by pandemic

A RECENT survey from Relationships Australia revealed that a large percentage of people felt their romantic relationships were negatively impacted by coronavirus. Story by Cassandra Glover 9 June, 2020. Retrieved from The Chronicle Subscriber only Psychology and counselling lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland Raquel Peel said the survey showed 55 per cent of […]

Maintaining a Healthy Intimate Life During Lockdown and Social Distancing

With Australia moving slowly out of lockdown and other parts of the world still in lockdown, I thought this podcast from Dr Justin Lehmiller is something powerful to listen to. Dr Lehmiller is joined by Dr Lori Brotto and they discuss how the COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting people’s intimate lives. Some of the questions they […]

Singles turn to digital love in time of isolation.

It would seem the last thing anyone would be doing during COVID-19 isolation is setting up a dating profile, but according to new data, dating apps experienced a surge in users. Story by Samtui Selave 15 May, 2020. Retrieved from The Queensland Times In April the average number of messages sent daily across dating apps […]

15 Inspiring Quotes to Strengthen Your Relationship

Having deep and meaningful relationships makes life worth living. So, today I wanted to give you some inspiring relationship quotes. I hope they bring a smile to your face and some joy to your heart. Please feel free to share these… They do not love that do not show their love. ~ William Shakespeare Let […]

Interview with Raquel Peel. Relationships in Lockdown.

University of Southern Queensland – Australia 3 April, 2020. Retrieved from Univeristy of Southern Queensland Facebook Page To keep the spark alive … you don’t have to burn the house down  As University of Southern Queensland – Australia’s Raquel Peel explains …

Interview with Raquel Peel. Surviving a Lockdown.

If you’re both working from home, and with nowhere to go out to in the evenings, there’s a chance you might start to get on each other’s nerves. Interview: Breakfast with Andrew “Bear” 8 May, 2020. Retrieved from 2NM Breakfast Radio Perhaps it’s happening already? Joining me talk about how we avoid relationship problems while […]

Interview with Raquel Peel. Singles Find Creative Ways to Date during the Pandemic.

ABC 24 — Weekend Breakfast Retrieved from ABC 24 – Weekend Breakfast Description Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim bring you the latest news on the Coronavirus pandemic, speak to medical professionals and public health experts and look at the far-reaching impact on people, the economy and how we live. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW Love in the […]