Conquer Relationship Struggles

By The Raquel Peel Editorial Team

Oftentimes, our minds are influenced by unrealistic views about relationships. This can be problematic when presented with challenges. Some in this situation will tend to withdraw from relationships.

All couples are different, even incompatible at some level. The reality is all couples fight. But how can a relationship last despite differences and challenges?

Dr. Sue Johnson's says: "If we can reach for each other and respond to each other’s call for emotional support when we are in pain or afraid, then love grows."

Her realisation about her own marriage is also very interesting. READ HERE

The most important factor for couples to survive challenges to their relationship, research suggests, is simply believing they can.

Partners who are confident that they will stay together no matter what conflicts arise, and who believe they have the skills to maintain their connection, are much more likely to stay together for the long term.

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