Experiencing ‘The Ick’? A Psychological Scientists Explains The Sudden Turn-Off

Story found on Woman's Health

Written by WH Staff

25 October 2021

A new TikTok trend has emerged in which users are identifying and describing as “the ick” - that sudden feeling where attraction to a current or potential partner turns into a feeling of disgust.

Here is an excerpt:

We’ve all been there. You’ve met someone, the banter is flowing, the attraction is all-encompassing and you’re walking home like a giddy school-girl, smiling like a Cheshire Cat at every incoming text and the inside jokes you’re already compiling together. The memes are all-class, hilarious and witty, and the conversation is equal parts funny as it is personal and introspective. It’s exciting – you’re excited!
But then something happens.
Whether it’s in person or communicated via text, they do something. And at once the very person you were fantasising about becomes repulsive, the kind of person you’d cross the street just to avoid.
Why the sudden newfound distaste? Well, according to the latest TikTok trend, it seems you’ve got “the ick.”

In this article, you can understand more about 'the ick' factor and if you are using it as a protection against relationship failure, fear of commitment, fear of intimacy, or rejection sensitivity.

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