Reduce Stress in Your Relationship and Boost Your Bond

By The Raquel Peel Editorial Team

There are so many reasons why relationships stress us out and lead us to thinking about ending the relationship. Without the right guidance, a person may tend to redo the same process in the next relationship. It can cause an unrealistic view of the relationship and frustration.

Actually, there are some people who can reduce stress and boost the bond in their relationship.

Dr. Johnson calls this process  "Moments of Risk and Growth" and this is what she says:.

All the research from the last 30 years about the most potent therapy for relationship growth and recovery on this planet, plus the newest research on building intimate bonds… it all says the same thing:


To foster connection we need not just to spend time together as companions, but to also risk sharing softer, deeper emotions. We must learn to hold each other’s feelings in a way that calms our nervous systems and gives us a deeply-felt sense of safe connection.

When partners can do this, a huge horizon of possibilities opens up for their relationship and for each person’s sense of confidence because belonging leads to becoming.

We are wired to thrive when we know that we can share our vulnerability with a precious other and the other can just be present and engaged. They simply have to be there with us.

Learn the example of how a couple actually applies this in their relationship.

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