Wondering how to make Relationships Rock? Read this!

As a recovering Romantic Self-Saboteur I understand how wonderful it is to break the cycle and have a loving, caring and positive relationship.

I have been married now since December 20, 2012 and have the most amazing relationship with my husband Matt, now I am not saying this to showoff but instead to say these things are possible.

So I want to give you some tools to help you build on your already amazing relationship, if you have one. Or if like me you find yourself self-sabotaging your relationships (here a bit about my story) and you know it is time to STOP so you can move into a wonderful partnership, then these articles are going to help.

The Science of Love

In his TEDx Talk, John Gottman explains how his scientific research has created a new understanding of love relationships.

Over four decades ago, John Gottman set out to understand love through the lens of science.

He measured the behavior, perception, and physiology of couples over time in his research lab (dubbed the “Love Lab”) at the University of Washington. Using the data collected, he was able to create equations for love and discern the mathematical dynamics of a relationship.

Surprisingly, even to him, he was able to predict with over 90% accuracy whether couples would stay together or break up.

In his TEDx Talk, The Science of Love, Gottman explains how his scientific research has created a new understanding of love relationships. Read the article here.

The Message of Marriage Story Works – Everyday!

In this article Dr Sue Johnson breakdown the Netflix film Marriage Story and explains how the nuances of an unraveling bond. It showcases when things breakdown and how it not always the big things that cause the issues.

Have a look at this article (and watch the movie, if you wish) it may give you insights that will add depth you your own relationship. Read the article here.

Accelerated Intimacy – 36 Questions and You Will Both Fall In Love

Dr Patrick Wanis looks at how to accelerated intimacy with 36 questions that make you think and look at your relationship deeper.

You can do these questions by yourself and access your own understanding of your relationship or each of you do them and discuss your answers. The choice is yours. Read the article here.

I hope these articles help you build better stronger and longer lasting relationships that ROCK!


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