A little about Me

I am a Speaker, Researcher, and Lecturer. I work as a Psychology and Counselling Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. I am currently undertaking a PhD in Health and I also hold a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from James Cook University and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Art History and Music from Sydney University.

I have conducted research in suicide, bullying, stigma, religiosity, rural medicine, and romantic relationships. My honours research on suicide was awarded best student paper at an international conference in Singapore in 2017. Since then, my work on bullying in the workplace has been published by the Conversation.com and generated great interest.

I enjoy promoting scientific research to engage both academics and member of the general public. My most recent research on romantic relationships has received a lot of media attention including TV and radio interviews, newspaper articles, and a publication on ABC News. On October 2018, I gave a TEDx Talk on self-sabotage in romantic relationships.

As a current postgraduate student, I am also passionate about raising awareness of mental health in higher education and have developed the Mental Health Program for HDR Candidates for JCU.

Further, my work as a lecturer and tutor has been recognised with a prestigious Inclusive Practice Teaching Award.

Overall, I am passionate about people and the expression of life. I am originally from Brazil and have travelled and lived in many places around the world.

Raquel Peel

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PORIG 2018
Deakin University

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