Areas of Research Interest

Interpersonal Relationships

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Research in this area focusses on how individuals’ differences contribute to relationship difficulties in young people and adults. Several studies are being conducted to investigate how self-defeating behaviours can be influenced by the following:

  • Demographics characteristics (i.e., age, gender and sexual orientation);
  • Relationship factors (i.e., status, duration, quality, and stress);
  • Context (e.g., online dating);
  • Attachment styles; and
  • Flirting styles.

Also, Dr Peel is currently investigating how the formation, maintenance, and dissolution of intimate relationships can be influenced by the following:

  • Regret related to first sexual encounters in adolescents and young adults;
  • Traumatic experiences in childhood and adulthood;
  • Capability to cope with traumatic events; and
  • Young people and adults' use of social media for relationship advice.


Suicide Research

Research conducted in this area investigated cross-cultural perceptions of suicide and the impact of suicide stigma and religiosity on the recognition of suicide risk in others.


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Research in this area investigated the individual characteristics of adults who are bullied in the workplace. The cost to individuals and organisations was considered within the increase trend of work presenteeism.

Medical Education

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Research in this area identifying the challenges and opportunities associated with provision of high quality training for general practitioners working in Australian rural and remote regions and increase the potential for workforce recruitment, with recommendations for strengthening health care in underserved communities.


We are currently recruiting for several studies and we would love to have you participate!!! Follow the link to the list of ongoing studies. Please read the studies' summary to determine your eligibility. Participation is voluntary and responses are anonymous.