Interview with Raquel Peel. ABC News Radio with Mandy Presland.

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The difficulties of returning to the office post lockdown. ABC NEWS Radio with Mandy Presland Fri 18 Sep 2020 Retrieved from ABC News Radio Victorians have this week been able to enjoy a little more freedom, with the reduction of lockdown restrictions in regional areas of the state gradually being reduced. But returning to the office after spending a period […]


Interview with Raquel Peel. ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen.

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ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen 1 July 2020 Retrieved from ABC Drive with Adam Stephen. Tune in to the sound of North Queensland. The day’s news, the best music and lively conversations. Excerpt from the program broadcasted on 1 July 2020. Interview with Raquel Peel started at 20.30. Listen to full Episode at The Conversation article referenced […]


Interview with Raquel Peel. Relationships in Lockdown.

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University of Southern Queensland – Australia 3 April, 2020. Retrieved from Univeristy of Southern Queensland Facebook Page To keep the spark alive … you don’t have to burn the house down  As University of Southern Queensland – Australia‘s Raquel Peel explains …


Interview with Raquel Peel. Surviving a Lockdown.

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If you’re both working from home, and with nowhere to go out to in the evenings, there’s a chance you might start to get on each other’s nerves. Interview: Breakfast with Andrew “Bear” 8 May, 2020. Retrieved from 2NM Breakfast Radio Perhaps it’s happening already? Joining me talk about how we avoid relationship problems while locked away together is lecturer from […]


Interview with Raquel Peel. Singles Find Creative Ways to Date during the Pandemic.

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ABC 24 — Weekend Breakfast Retrieved from ABC 24 – Weekend Breakfast DescriptionJohanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim bring you the latest news on the Coronavirus pandemic, speak to medical professionals and public health experts and look at the far-reaching impact on people, the economy and how we live. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW Love in the time of coronavirus is a challenge, […]


The SelfWork Podcast with Dr. Margaret Rutherford: How To Avoid Self-Sabotage In Relationships.

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Do you sabotage relationships that have potential? Are you risk averse? Do you commit too quickly or are you passively going along with the relationship continuing? Podcast with Dr Margaret Rutherford 9 April, 2020 Retrieved from Stitcher Today we’re talking about several ways you can sabotage a relationship’s potential or you can end in a relationship that’s simply not healthy. […]


Interview ABC Live TV Valentine’s Day.

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ABC Live TV Interview Valentine’s Day

Self-sabotage’ a major issue for romantic relationships


Interview ABC Radio Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day ABC Radio Interview

Afternoons with Katherine Feeney ABC Radio Interview – Afternoons with Katherine Feeney talking with Raquel Peel on the topic of Valentine’s Day Love, Relationships and Sabotage. Download interview here


Interview with Raquel Peel. TEDxJCUCairns2018.

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Star FM, Cairns, Australia.


Interview with Raquel Peel. TEDxJCUCairns2018.

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ABC Radio, Far North Queensland, Australia.

About Me

I am an internationally recognised TEDx speaker, an emerging researcher, and passionate lecturer.

I work as a Psychology and Counselling Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland.

I hold a PhD and a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from James Cook University (JCU) and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Art History and Music from Sydney University.

I am interested in research on relationships, suicide, bullying, stigma, medical education and research methodology.

A highlight of my research includes giving a TEDx Talk on romantic self-sabotage. This talk has been well received globally and was featured in the TED series titled “How to Be a Better Human”.

I enjoy promoting scientific research to engage both academics and members of the general public, and I believe in creating awareness, promoting individual responsibility, and challenging people to act towards changing their reality. Overall, my work has received extensive media coverage including TV and radio interviews, newspaper articles and publications on The Conversation, ABC News and Psychology Today.

My work as an educator has been recognised with a prestigious Inclusive Practice Teaching Award. I am also passionate about raising awareness of mental health in higher education and have developed the Mental Health Program for Higher Degree by Research Candidates for JCU.

Overall, I am passionate about people and the expression of life. I am originally from Brazil and I have travelled and lived in many places around the world. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia, with my husband Matthew, our two cats Tigre and Patera, our Miniature Pinscher, Lobinha, and our Doberman, Urso.

The Raquel Peel Editorial Team

The Raquel Peel Editorial Team is composed of writers who contribute to this site’s overall message. It is our mission to help and inspire individuals to pursue and maintain healthy and loving relationships.