Bullying Research

Interview with Raquel Peel. Focus: Bullying in the Workplace.

ABC Radio, Brisbane, Australia. https://www.raquelpeel.com/wp-content/uploads/ABC-Brisbane_Bullying-1-AudioTrimmer.com-1.mp3   Here is the link to the ABC Brisbane page for the full Focus segment on Bullying in the Workplace: http://www.abc.net.au/radio/brisbane/programs/focus/focus-on-workplace-bullying/10068366

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Who gets Bullied at Work? The role of Emotion Stability, Psychological Flexibility, and Coping in Workplace Bullying.

Abstract Bullying costs individuals and their workplace a great deal. Considerable research has been conducted to explore the incidence and prevalence of bullying in the workplace and the negative consequences to individuals and organizations (Rammsayer, Stahl, & Schmiga, 2006). Few studies, however, have considered the individual characteristics of adults who are bullied in the workplace…

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