The romantic self-saboteur | ABC News

What happens when you’re very young can have a life-long effect on your relationships, as Raquel Peel knows all too well. Podcast on ABC National Radio | Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor 25 April, 2021. In this podcast, on Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor. Raquel talks about the cycle of romantic self-sabotage and how childhood […]

Why do we sabotage love? | Tedx-Shorts

TEDx SHORTS Start each day with short, eye-opening ideas from some of the world’s greatest TEDx speakers. Hosted by Atossa Leoni, TEDx SHORTS will give you the chance to immerse yourself in surprising knowledge, fresh perspectives, and moving stories from some of our most compelling talks. Less than 10 minutes a day, every day. Subscribe […]

Do you sabotage relationships that have potential? With Dr Margaret Rutherford

Do you sabotage relationships that have potential? Are you risk averse? Do you commit too quickly or are you passively going along with the relationship continuing? Podcast with Dr Margaret Rutherford 9 April, 2020 Retrieved from Stitcher Today we’re talking about several ways you can sabotage a relationship’s potential or you can end in a […]