Raquel Peel

Why do we sabotage love?

The saying goes "love is grand", so it seems strange that many of us set out to sabotage it...

... specially when we know humans are hardwired to search for loving connections.

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Tedx Shorts: Why do we sabotage love?

Dr Raquel Peel examines the reasons why so many self-sabotage in their relationships and shares tips on how to get out of this destructive cycle.

TED: How to stop sabotaging your romantic relationships? 

Does it ever feel like you—or someone you know—is always entering a relationship that’s doomed? According to psychology researcher, Dr Raquel Peel, you may be falling victim to a surprising foe—yourself. In this episode, she outlines common destructive habits to watch out for, and gives guidance on how to recover if you spiral into sabotage.

TED Ideas - We Humans: Why we sabotage romantic relationships — and what we can do about it

By examining our actions and attitude, we can start to break the cycle, says psychology researcher Dr Raquel Peel.

The Conversation: 3 ways we sabotage relationships (and 3 ways to kick the habit)

Relationship sabotage is not a “one off” moment in a relationship. It happens when fear triggers patterns of responses from one relationship to the next.

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