9 Ways People put Their Romantic Relationships at Risk | Relationship Resolution Center

A new study suggests nine ways people put their romantic relationships at risk. It’s no surprise that difficulties with romantic relationships are a common reason people seek therapy. Because let’s face it, relationships are tough. Full article on Relationship Resolution Center | with Nancy Fagan, Founder of Relationship Resolution Center 5 May, 2021. For some […]

Why Do We Sabotage Love? Reasons to Self-Sabotage Romantic Relationships.

By Raquel Peel The saying goes ‘love is grand’, so it seems strange that many of us set out to sabotage it. Some people, having successfully initiated a relationship, embark upon what appears to be a path to certain destruction. Some people seem to pull the plug on relationships too quickly… when things get serious […]

Why Do We Sabotage Love? Strategies to Avoid Being Hurt

By Raquel Peel In the last article I promised to tell you how people sabotage romantic relationships. In a nutshell, it goes like this: They meet that great person and then… They find faults, become over critical, untrusting and assume the relationship will fail without much evidence. This is a pattern and it happens again […]

My Love is like to Ice, and I to Fire

By The Raquel Peel Editorial Team A good relationship should bring you joy and pleasure! In the poem ‘My Love is Life to Ice’ by Edmund Spenser, he describes how he believes love is something that can alter the course of human kind. Or to put it simply, love has the potential to dramatically and […]