Healing From Past Relationship Trauma

By The Raquel Peel Editorial Team

A lot of us desire to share our lives with someone special and that's a normal feeling. Moreover, being in a healthy relationship can benefit our emotional and physical health.

For instance, Dr. John Gottman research found that people who are happily married live four to eight years longer than people who are not.

We know that happy and healthy relationships are important. But for some, searching for a partner is difficult, especially after negative dating experiences and a broken heart.

So, how can someone heal from past relationship traumas?

Here is a snippet of Anna Aslanian's article. To read the full article, please click on the link below.


Intimacy and Healing

The past does not have to affect your future. Take your time to explore the depths of your hurt with a supportive professional. Your own healing journey in therapy can help you realize how lovable you really are. The goal is not about becoming someone else but allowing your best self to emerge. Progress entails learning to tolerate difficult emotions (such as the anxiety of the unknown) and letting go of limiting beliefs and old narratives about who you are and how your love life will go.

The word “intimacy” is often described as “into me see,” which suggests that intimacy starts with knowing oneself fully. Only by truly knowing the past experiences that have shaped you, as well as your needs and wants, can you then “see” another, show up in relationships, and allow yourself to be seen. No healthy relationship exists without intimacy, and there’s no intimacy without emotional safety and vulnerability. Intimacy is created by first getting to know yourself. Then by sharing aspects of yourself with someone else while also being open to your partner’s reality, dreams, and struggles.

ARTICLE LINK: https://www.gottman.com/blog/small-t-trauma-and-its-effect-on-dating/

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