How to be intimate during the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

Every third married couple in Germany gets divorced. They were double the normal rate in Wuhan in the first lockdown. In the US they've surged by a third. Separation can be prevented by asking professionals for advice. You've gotta be open to it though. DW is talking about that with a psychology researcher.

Interview on DW News

12 March, 2021.

In this interview, Ben Fajzullin reports the news with starting with an interview reported by Claudia Laszczak and talking to Jamila Mewes | Relationship Coach and Her Husband produce Intensiv gewollt Der Beziehungspodcast and Ben Fajzullin then talks with Anna Hohlfeld | Couples Therapist, Raquel Peel | University of Southern Queensland Psychology Researcher, #askDerrick: Your Covid-19 questions answered, News on More countries suspend AstraZeneca shot, EMA approves Johnson and Johnson jap and Texans celebrate lifting of masks mandate.

Dr Raquel Peel's interview starts at 3.59 watch it below:

Disclaimer: Please note Dr Raquel Peel is a researcher in the field of psychology and not a registered psychologist

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