Raquel Peel’s Story

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The fascinating life of Raquel Peel. Born prematurely and abandoned at birth in Brazil, she is now an inspirational TED speaker, psychologist and relationships researcher.

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Raquel Peel is a psychology lecturer at USQ. Abandoned as a premature baby on hospital steps in Brazil and adopted by the nurse who helped save her life.

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Born prematurely and abandoned at birth in Brazil, Raquel Peel was drawn to Australia by the band Silverchair, and the rest of her journey is nothing short of inspiring.

When I think about my early life, I realised how rocky it all started. I was abandoned at birth, but I was lucky enough to be found by my mother who was the neonatal nurse on shift, the day I was born. I was later adopted by my mom and dad who is also a surgeon.

My parents gave me a beautiful life and they loved me, perfectly, but I was always insecure that someone would realise what my biological parents did and abandoned me.

A lot of people ask me the reason why I research inter-relationships. And that is because,  of my early life history, I had lots of difficult relationships growing up, mainly because I couldn't believe in love.

I didn't believe I was worthy of love it.

It wasn't until I met my husband that I began to believe that I could love and be loved.

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