The Guardian: The relationship sabotage scale, quantifying why we undermine ourselves in love

Story found on The Guardian Written by Janet Stone 11 October 2021 This article discusses the Relationship Sabotage Scale developed by a team led by Dr Raquel Peel. The Relationship Sabotage Scale, published on 19 September in BMC Psychology, aims to empirically measure romantic self-sabotage (a term more often bandied about in popular culture) in romantic […]

We accept the love we think we deserve and it shows.

My boyfriend treats me like a queen, that’s why I’m breaking up with him. Story found on East Coast Radio, Umhlanga, South Africa Written by Stacey and J Sbu 15 September 2021 In this article, Stacey and J Sbu discuss how we accept the love we think we deserve and it shows. Here is an […]

5 Reasons Why Some People Keep Sabotaging Their Relationships

Story found on Psychology Today Written by Arash Emamzadeh 20 August 2021 In this article, Arash Emamzadeh discusses Dr Raquel Peel’s research to explain the 5 reasons why some people keep sabotaging their relationships. Here is an excerpt: New research by Peel and Caltabiano, published in the most recent issue of the quarterly journal, Journal […]

Why we really self-sabotage in relationships

Story found on MSN Entertainment Written by  Maddison Leach 23 November 2021 This article discusses “self-sabotage” in romantic relationships and the fact that many of us are not sure what it looks like. Here is an excerpt: We often hear the phrase “self-sabotage” when talking about dating and relationships, but the fact of the matter […]

Why We Sabotage Our Romantic Relationships and How to Prevent Destructive Behaviour

Story found on Lifehacker Written by Stephanie Nuzzo 7 Sept 2021 In this article, Stephanie discusses people’s tendency to set their love lives alight, for no apparent reason. Here is a excerpt: As our many explorations of love and relationships suggest, romance is rarely simple. People are complicated and messy and confusing – and oftentimes, […]

ABC Nightlife: What Drives Our Sexual Attraction?

What is the spark that drives our sexual attraction to others? ABC Nightlife with Philip Clark & Indira Naidoo 25 July, 2021 Retrieved from | On Nightlife with Indira Naidoo Is it body shape, facial features, or does it go a bit more skin deep? Indira Naidoo spoke with Dr Raquel Peel about how […]

9 Ways People put Their Romantic Relationships at Risk | Relationship Resolution Center

A new study suggests nine ways people put their romantic relationships at risk. It’s no surprise that difficulties with romantic relationships are a common reason people seek therapy. Because let’s face it, relationships are tough. Full article on Relationship Resolution Center | with Nancy Fagan, Founder of Relationship Resolution Center 5 May, 2021. For some […]

The romantic self-saboteur | ABC News

What happens when you’re very young can have a life-long effect on your relationships, as Raquel Peel knows all too well. Podcast on ABC National Radio | Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor 25 April, 2021. In this podcast, on Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor. Raquel talks about the cycle of romantic self-sabotage and how childhood […]

How to be intimate during the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

Every third married couple in Germany gets divorced. They were double the normal rate in Wuhan in the first lockdown. In the US they’ve surged by a third. Separation can be prevented by asking professionals for advice. You’ve gotta be open to it though. DW is talking about that with a psychology researcher. Interview on DW […]