Are You Dreading going back to the workplace?

You might be feeling separation anxiety from your home. 

Written by Raquel Peel Team

11 September, 2020.

Retrieved from The Conversation

As some of us return to the workplace or are planning to do so in the future, we face the challenges of a changing environment of social distancing rules and restrictions. It might be your workplace will set limits on how many people are allowed in the lunchroom at a time, or the only people you talk to in the corridors are the cleaners.

For some people, going back to work is an opportunity to regain independence, especially if they have experienced difficulty working from home and are looking forward to going back.

But for others, it might be anxiety-inducing to think about another abrupt shift of routine, from a controlled environment where they feel safe to a place where rules and regulations are changing dramatically.

Indeed, it’s possible we might face separation anxiety from our home.

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