Why We Sabotage Our Romantic Relationships and How to Prevent Destructive Behaviour

Story found on Lifehacker Written by Stephanie Nuzzo 7 Sept 2021 In this article, Stephanie discusses people’s tendency to set their love lives alight, for no apparent reason. Here is a excerpt: As our many explorations of love and relationships suggest, romance is rarely simple. People are complicated and messy and confusing – and oftentimes, […]

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts tells us you can take physical attraction out of love.

Story found on The Conversation. Written by Raquel Peel 21 July 2021 In this article, Dr Raquel Peel talks about the latest Netflix show Sexy Beasts, which promises to move past superficial dating by having contestants meet while wearing heavy make-up and prosthetics to disguise their physical attributes. But, what the show is promising is […]

9 Ways People put Their Romantic Relationships at Risk | Relationship Resolution Center

A new study suggests nine ways people put their romantic relationships at risk. It’s no surprise that difficulties with romantic relationships are a common reason people seek therapy. Because let’s face it, relationships are tough. Full article on Relationship Resolution Center | with Nancy Fagan, Founder of Relationship Resolution Center 5 May, 2021. For some […]

Bridgerton offers clever relationship advice.

This story contains spoilers for Bridgerton. Story found on The Conversation. Written by Raquel Peel 14 January 2021 In this article, Dr Raquel Peel talks about how an American streaming television period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes,  Bridgerton, offers clever relationship advice — why friendship is the foundation […]

Love (and sex) in the time of COVID-19.

This story looks at how the pandemic has changed the way we pursue love and sex. And what might that mean in the longer term. Story found on Medical Republic Story written by Lydia Hales 15 December 2020 In this article Dr Raquel Peel talks about how fear is the biggest barrier to romantic commitment. […]

Separation anxiety: Are we anxious about leaving home once lockdown is over?

Separation anxiety is a common feeling that stems from developing an emotional attachment to something and then not wanting to give it away. by Emma Sullivan 5 October, 2020 Retrieved from The Beat With our daily case numbers lowering at a steady rate, there’s hope on the horizon and while it’s hard to remember what […]

Are You Dreading going back to the workplace?

You might be feeling separation anxiety from your home.  Written by Raquel Peel Team 11 September, 2020. Retrieved from The Conversation As some of us return to the workplace or are planning to do so in the future, we face the challenges of a changing environment of social distancing rules and restrictions. It might be […]

Rebuilding relationships impacted by pandemic

A RECENT survey from Relationships Australia revealed that a large percentage of people felt their romantic relationships were negatively impacted by coronavirus. Story by Cassandra Glover 9 June, 2020. Retrieved from The Chronicle Subscriber only Psychology and counselling lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland Raquel Peel said the survey showed 55 per cent of […]

Singles turn to digital love in time of isolation.

It would seem the last thing anyone would be doing during COVID-19 isolation is setting up a dating profile, but according to new data, dating apps experienced a surge in users. Story by Samtui Selave 15 May, 2020. Retrieved from The Queensland Times In April the average number of messages sent daily across dating apps […]

The coronavirus lockdown could test your relationship. Here’s how to keep it intact (and even improve it).

A Queensland relationships expert who has researched extensively into “why individuals get into a cycle of continually failing at relationships” believes she has identified a key reason.. By Raquel Peel 14 February, 2020. Retrieved from The Conversation With the raft of social distancing measures in place to control the spread of coronavirus, you may be spending more time […]