Love (and sex) in the time of COVID-19.

This story looks at how the pandemic has changed the way we pursue love and sex. And what might that mean in the longer term.

Story found on Medical Republic

Story written by Lydia Hales

15 December 2020

In this article Dr Raquel Peel talks about how fear is the biggest barrier to romantic commitment. Now, the onset of a pandemic conjured fears of its own.

In this article Lydia Hales talks to Dr Raquel Peel, Dr Elisabeth Shaw, CEO of Relationships Australia NSW, and Dr Karen Williams, Wollongong-based psychiatrist and founder of Doctors Against Violence Towards Women group.

The article also looks at surveys from Professor Chow, an STI epidemiologist and biostatistician at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, and Dr Allen, of the Australian National University’s Centre for Social Research and Methods.

In this article, experts discuss sex, dating, and relationships in the time of COVID-19. Also, the impact of this time on individuals’ mental and physical health.

In the cold light of post lock down a few things stand out...

The stresses of the pandemic have galvanised some relationships, but revealed the fragility of others, Dr Elisabeth Shaw says.

And “For some, moving in with a partner earlier than expected might be less scary than being alone during a pandemic,” says Dr Raquel Peel.

How has this pandemic affected you, your love life with yourself and others?

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