Separation anxiety: Are we anxious about leaving home once lockdown is over?

Separation anxiety is a common feeling that stems from developing an emotional attachment to something and then not wanting to give it away.

by Emma Sullivan

5 October, 2020

Retrieved from The Beat

With our daily case numbers lowering at a steady rate, there’s hope on the horizon and while it’s hard to remember what pre-COVID life entailed, it’s even harder to imagine what life beyond COVID-19 will be.

Many of us have asked each other, what even is normal anymore?

For the last six or so months, staying home has meant saving lives. Although we may be fatigued from what feels like Groundhog Day reloaded, the home life has become engrained in us. We’ve became coddled by the clean sanitised surfaces of our retreat and the four walls that enclose us are now our safe haven from the threat of the virus.

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