ABC Nightlife: What Drives Our Sexual Attraction?

What is the spark that drives our sexual attraction to others? ABC Nightlife with Philip Clark & Indira Naidoo 25 July, 2021 Retrieved from | On Nightlife with Indira Naidoo Is it body shape, facial features, or does it go a bit more skin deep? Indira Naidoo spoke with Dr Raquel Peel about how […]

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts tells us you can take physical attraction out of love.

Story found on The Conversation. Written by Raquel Peel 21 July 2021 In this article, Dr Raquel Peel talks about the latest Netflix show Sexy Beasts, which promises to move past superficial dating by having contestants meet while wearing heavy make-up and prosthetics to disguise their physical attributes. But, what the show is promising is […]

9 Ways People put Their Romantic Relationships at Risk | Relationship Resolution Center

A new study suggests nine ways people put their romantic relationships at risk. It’s no surprise that difficulties with romantic relationships are a common reason people seek therapy. Because let’s face it, relationships are tough. Full article on Relationship Resolution Center | with Nancy Fagan, Founder of Relationship Resolution Center 5 May, 2021. For some […]

The romantic self-saboteur | ABC News

What happens when you’re very young can have a life-long effect on your relationships, as Raquel Peel knows all too well. Podcast on ABC National Radio | Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor 25 April, 2021. In this podcast, on Ockham’s Razor with Tegan Taylor. Raquel talks about the cycle of romantic self-sabotage and how childhood […]

How to be intimate during the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

Every third married couple in Germany gets divorced. They were double the normal rate in Wuhan in the first lockdown. In the US they’ve surged by a third. Separation can be prevented by asking professionals for advice. You’ve gotta be open to it though. DW is talking about that with a psychology researcher. Interview on DW […]

Dr. Raquel Peel – Valentine’s Day Love Guru

Interview with Joel Reinke 4HI & 4LM 12 February, 2021. JR spoke with Dr Raquel Peel about self-sabotage for singles and couples and the importance of Valentine’s Day. JR 4HI & 4LM · Dr. Raquel Peel -Valentine’s Day Love Guru LISTEN OVER AT SOUNDCLOUD

Why do we sabotage love? | Tedx-Shorts

TEDx SHORTS Start each day with short, eye-opening ideas from some of the world’s greatest TEDx speakers. Hosted by Atossa Leoni, TEDx SHORTS will give you the chance to immerse yourself in surprising knowledge, fresh perspectives, and moving stories from some of our most compelling talks. Less than 10 minutes a day, every day. Subscribe […]

How to be intimate during the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

Sex is one of the most basic human needs. But when coronavirus has made something as simple as a kiss or a hug taboo – it’s become tricky. So how we can get the physical intimacy we need? Interview on DW News 15 December, 2021. In this interview Ben Fajzullin talks to Stephanie Trachtenberg, Satisfyer […]

Bridgerton offers clever relationship advice.

This story contains spoilers for Bridgerton. Story found on The Conversation. Written by Raquel Peel 14 January 2021 In this article, Dr Raquel Peel talks about how an American streaming television period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes,  Bridgerton, offers clever relationship advice — why friendship is the foundation […]