Why we really self-sabotage in relationships

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Written by  Maddison Leach

23 November 2021

This article discusses "self-sabotage" in romantic relationships and the fact that many of us are not sure what it looks like.

Here is an excerpt:

We often hear the phrase "self-sabotage" when talking about dating and relationships, but the fact of the matter is that many of us still aren't totally sure what that looks like.

It can be easy to spot in movies and TV shows; just look at Kristen Wiig's character Annie in Bridesmaids.

She's in an unfulfilling "situationship" with a guy who doesn't care about her, then a lovely man who really understands her comes along and they have great chemistry together.

So, what does Annie do? She pushes him away because she's afraid of being hurt again and in doing so she sabotages the relationship before it can even begin.

  • What is self-sabotage?
  • Why do people self-sabotage?
  • How can we identify self-sabotage?
  • How can we stop self-sabotaging?
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