Relationship Research

Relationship research

This current research project aims to assess how individuals’ differences contribute to self-sabotage in intimate relationships. Several studies are being conducted to investigate how characteristics such as demographics (i.e., age, gender and sexual orientation), relationship factors (i.e., status, duration, quality and stress), adult attachment styles, flirting styles, traumatic experiences and capability to cope with traumatic events can influence self-defeating behaviours. Additionally, studies are being conducted to develop a typology to describe romantic self-sabotours.

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Interview with Raquel Peel. ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen.

02 Jul 2020

ABC Drive Radio with Adam Stephen 1 July 2020 Retrieved from ABC Drive with Adam Stephen. Tune in to the sound of North Queensland. The day’s news, the best music and lively conversations. Excerpt from the program broadcasted on 1 July 2020. Interview with Raquel Peel started at 20.30. Listen to full Episode at […]

Interview with Raquel Peel. Relationships in Lockdown.

08 May 2020

University of Southern Queensland – Australia 3 April, 2020. Retrieved from Univeristy of Southern Queensland Facebook Page To keep the spark alive … you don’t have to burn the house down  As University of Southern Queensland – Australia‘s Raquel Peel explains …

Interview with Raquel Peel. Singles Find Creative Ways to Date during the Pandemic.

18 Apr 2020

ABC 24 — Weekend Breakfast Retrieved from ABC 24 – Weekend Breakfast DescriptionJohanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim bring you the latest news on the Coronavirus pandemic, speak to medical professionals and public health experts and look at the far-reaching impact on people, the economy and how we live. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW Love in the time […]

ABC Live TV Interview Valentine’s Day

Interview ABC Live TV Valentine’s Day.

14 Feb 2020

Self-sabotage’ a major issue for romantic relationships ABC Live TV Interview with Queensland psychologist, Dr Raquel Peel, has made a career out of studying romantic relationships and she’s pinpointed ‘self-sabotage’ as a major issue. Watch the interview here.

Interview with Raquel Peel. Love Survey: The JCU love doctor is back at it again, this time she wants to know how love, or rather lack thereof, can affect your mental health.

23 Jun 2018

Win News, Townsville, Australia.

Interview with Raquel Peel. Love was in the air across the region for Valentine’s Day.

14 Feb 2018

Seven News, Townsville, Australia.

Interview with Raquel Peel. Love Lost. What happens when you self-sabotage love?

10 Jan 2018

Win News, Townsville, Australia.

Interview with Raquel Peel. The Townsville Love Doctor.

10 Jan 2018

Nine News, Townsville, Australia.


The SelfWork Podcast with Dr. Margaret Rutherford: How To Avoid Self-Sabotage In Relationships.

09 Apr 2020

Do you sabotage relationships that have potential? Are you risk averse? Do you commit too quickly or are you passively going along with the relationship continuing? Podcast with Dr Margaret Rutherford 9 April, 2020 Retrieved from Stitcher Today we’re talking about several ways you can sabotage a relationship’s potential or you can end in a […]


We are currently recruiting for several studies and we would love to have you participate!!! Follow the link to the list of ongoing studies. Please read the studies' summary to determine your eligibility. Participation is voluntary and responses are anonymous.